Maui Invitational

Evidently there is some sort of design contest for the Maui Invitational showing up via Twitter Arkansas Basketball.

Here is my idea for the Maui Jim Maui Invitational. I will not enter it because you must use an “OFFICIAL” Razorback logo to qualify and the Razorback in my image is not official but it sure looks cool. So I thought I’d share it here.


FYI, the dates are November 2022, not this year.

oops… I better fix that real quick.

I like it Submit it anyway

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Have already made reservations at our Maui FBO. We are really looking forward to going back to Maui again and watching the Hogs play.

The last time we were there was about a week before the world shut down in March of 2020. That was a great trip for sure, but no Hogs. Oh yes, Cosco is right by the airport and should be a first stop unless you are on some sort of all inclusive plan.

Don’t miss the road to Hana. Don’t wimp out in Hana. Keep going all the way around. You will not regret it - maybe.

Agree on all fronts. We were there in March of 2020 also. We were there the exact week it all went to hell. First day, everything is wide open. Second day, bars at resorts are closed (too close to another). By the 5th day, it was take out only. We stayed 5 more days and couldn’t believe how vacant the resort and beaches were. Then we were finally asked to leave by the resort (and some locals) and flew home. As nasty as I’ve ever seen folks in Maui get. I understood their concern.

Went back last March and was much more like normal. Except the Hana highway didn’t have any of their vendors on the side of the road open like normal. That was a bit of a bummer, but still enjoyed the drive. Always have to get a stiff drink after finishing that drive. There seem to be corners that are too close to collision on that road for us.

I like the image.


Donate the basic image to the Razorbacks and see if they will accept it in time for you. My 2 cents says it is good enough to be used in a lot of areas including commercially…. :sunglasses:

How about a Lei hanging from the tusks?
Or Maui Jim on the sunglasses?
Great art work indeed!
As for the road to Hana…it’s an exhausting trip. Whomever drives will be depleted afterwards. Very narrow road with countless twists and turns. Hard to enjoy the view if driving. Recommend a small tour van where you can relax and enjoy the magnificent views. And just beyond Hana lies Lucky Lindy.
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Love it!

OldGrey and I agree-it’s awesome, submit it! I’d buy that shirt right now.


if you go through Hana, you’ll eventually get to the venus pond-holy smokes, earth doesn’t get any more beautiful. jumping off the cliff there is awesome, but if you just want to float there and watch the ocean crash on the rocks, it is just incredible.


We really like your design…. My wife and I have just decided to go…will the UA will have an inclusive trip? If not, any recommendations on places to stay close to the arena or any other tips…thanks

Everybody has their own likes and dislikes. We have a Air B&B in what is called Up Country (N. side of the Mountain up a ways). that is not very close to where the games are played, but we will be renting a car and nothing is really very far on the Island. There are Thousands (yes thousands) of rooms not far. Just go online and look around. You are bound to find something. The arena is on the other side of the island from the airport so there is that, probably about a 30-40 min drive.

If you are going that far and have never been to Maui (or the other islands), do yourself a favor and plan on taking some days to look around. There is lots to see and do. If you haven’t been there, Pearl Harbor is an absolute must. We all owe it to those guys. If you are alive, it will get to you. It is only 30 min flight over to Maui from there.

We have several members of the board who are more knowledgeable than I about Maui. I am sure as it gets closer, there will be all sorts of information coming out. Remember, each likes different things, but I would not worry too much about being close to the arena. Most things on that side of the island are relatively close. Great hotels, condos, and Air B&B pretty much all around. Oh yes, Maui is not a cheap place at all.

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Lahaina, where the games are played, is a neat little town. About five minutes away in Kaanapali are a lot of high-rise resorts. The best part about that time of year, aside from the weather, is the possibility to see humpback whales. I think that is right near the start of the season, so it might be hit and miss depending on the year.

I like Maui best, but I agree with Jim that it’s worth a trip to Oahu to visit Pearl Harbor. The North Shore is also a neat place. There are relatively cheap round-trip flights and they run frequently enough that you can island hop there and back in the same day.

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If you get to Oahu and venture near the North Shore, try to time it so you can get lunch at Kua Ainas. It is a world renown hamburger joint. I believe they even have a helicopter pad for people to fly in and eat. One of the best burgers I ever had on a vacation.

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Y’all are making me homesick!
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I hope the Maui Invitational is played in Hawaii next year. They announced today it will be played in Las Vegas this year, which marks the second straight year it will be played on the mainland.


Hawaii is the bluest of blue states. They don’t even allow fans to attend UH home games. Last Spring, they forced the high school kids to wear masks at outdoor practice and meets for both XC and T&F. Not surprised by the move of the MI to LV.
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