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I was looking last night about game tickets. Does anybody know anything about those. I saw a package including tickets said to be with Foundation and somebody that is at team hotel with coaches updates. It is at the Hyatt which is very nice and good location. I have stayed there a few times, but this package seems way out of line price wise. Set to go up I think April 18 or something like that.

Right now, direct flight with UA is reasonable, but I bet it goes up. You want to come back on Thur and not wait until Friday. Big price jump there.

Aloha Jim,
I too am looking exclusively for game tickets. Couldn’t find anything at the Maui Classic website. The package is excessively expensive.
UA…Campus of Champions

Exactly what I found. Nothing on their web site and that “package” is way out of line. The hotel is nice, but not that nice

We are looking too, as you know Guy. Don’t follow Jim’s mention of 18 April since the tourney is at Thanksgiving. Southwest Airlines doesn’t show bookings that far in advance; therefore, if you arrange for rent now you have a little risk in flying.

I have written to the Maui Classic website shown about tickets and have had no response.

Don’t know if this is related, but most EVERYTHING in Hawai’i is out of kilter right now … pricewise.

Lodging is 4-5 times higher and rental cars are 8-10 times higher right now than they were pre-COVID.

We’re doing a 15-day Hawai’ian cruise out of San Francisco later this month. We booked the highest-end category suite on the ship, and we’ll STILL end up spending less than had we stayed on the Islands.

I don’t think it’s that far out of kilter, but it is high.

I spend at least a month a year in Maui and I’ve stayed around Thanksgiving before. Actually thought the pricing was better then than in my typical March trip.

For ColoradoHog, DIA has a direct flight that stays reasonably priced or Southwest can be very affordable if you don’t mind a 2 hr layover in a California airport. Both are comfortable flights. I looked before when this tournament was going on without us and tickets were not hard to get in order to go watch the game. So not sure it’s worth following whatever the Alumni foundation throws out.

Typically, what’s the weather like in Maui in November?

The same as it is every other month of the year

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Have the United direct out of DIA. Very reasonable and will be upgraded I think.

Our AirB apt in the Up Country is still very reasonable. Like $120/ night. Very nice place and great people. Stop at Cisco first for food etc. Restaurant s there can be real high.
Looking forward to it. Hope to see the start of a great Hog team

All of us going need to get together like we did at Sugar Bowl. That was fun

I could look it up, when are the dates, also never been to Maui, usually hit Kauai, where to stay in Maui? Up Country?Any help would be great

Go Hogs

Totally a personal preference and price point. Besides the Hogs, is there anything else you would like to do? Great golf, hiking, beaches, dormant volcano, etc…the Hogs are staying at the Kaanapali Hyatt. Kapalua is north but tends to be wet and windy. October is the start of the rainy season. Wailea on the southwest coast has the best weather.
UA…Campus of Champions

Guy, I can’t tell from google maps but how far is Wailea from Kapalua? Point being, could we base in Wailea and not feel the daily trek to the games was an issue?

Google Maps tells me that it’s an hour drive from Wailea to Kapalua, 38.5 miles up the coast.

No where on the island except Hanna is an issue to drive to the site. Traffic can be an issue and you are not going to be flying around 70 mph anywhere (on any island). The games last 2 hrs. that leaves 22 hrs each day to get out and see the island and do all sorts of things. I like where we stay and I guess it is an hr. away. So what? It is very close to the mountain. Just depends on what you want. There are really great places all over that island. The S side, as with all the islands, is warmer, has less wind and less surf. It has nice beaches. The N side is rugged, and very pretty. You need to see it all. If a drive bothers you stay close to the site. There are probably over 500 good places close.

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