Maui Classic in November

Jan and I are now booked on United and in a vrbo rental in Kihel for an extended stay for the Classic. We will arrive maybe a week prior to the Classic.

I have no info on the Classic other than the flyer sent to me from the alumni association, but I presume tickets would be fairly easy to obtain If any of you are going and have info on how we may join in on fan activities associated with the Classic, please help us.

Also, I have a strong desire to golf while there and if any of you headed to the Classic want to play, contact me.


We plan on returning to the tournament after attending in 2005 and 2013. I don’t remember tickets being difficult to get; however, I do remember saying in 2013 that they were so expensive that we might not be able to return when the Hogs
played again. The tournament is held at a small gym in Lahaina that only seats 2400. Hopefully, tickets will be available for those fans not traveling with the school packages. We have our flights reserved on Delta and 15 nights reserved. Ten nights are in Wailea using Marriott reward points and 5 nights in Ka’anapali. I think our biggest expense will be a rental car for 15 days at approximately $100 day. We are not golfers; however, would really enjoy getting together with other Hog fans.

Fred, you gotta play Kapalua Plantation course. I’d also recommend taking the ferry out of Lahaina to Lanai and play Manele Golf Course at the Four Seasons Resort, which was designed by Jack and is probably the most scenic course I’ve ever played. Wish I could join you bc the golf over there is superb. Enjoy


I’ve played Kapalua and Poipu (not well, but still). They are gorgeous.

I played Manele many years ago

Back then, there was also a course up on the mountain on Lanai. The Experience at Koele. It was absolutely spectacular. But I believe that property has closed.

Lanai is a lot of fun
Mostly undeveloped and very laid back

Love Maui, not a golfer. I’ll be parasailing. Will be there during Tourn.

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On 2 good wheels?

We will be there and open to meeting with any and all Razorback fans. Flying into Kauai first to redo some activities have done before and then hoping over to Maui. Have been to both islands and enjoyed them both.

If you have not been to Maui before, it is expensive. Eating out each meal can run into real cost. Remember, Costco is right by the airport and almost a must stop. It is also the place to fill the rental car before turning it in. Be prepared for a line

Good enough.

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Yes Kapalua is a great golf course! Highly recommend it!

Very expensive! And that’s been 17-18 yrs ago!!! Can’t imagine how much it would be now.

Save up for that too, Kapalua Plantation Course is $395, $365 if you’re staying at the resort (the Old Course is only $325). But at least it’s not Pebble. That is $595.

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Jim is correct about food costs. When we visited Maui about 15 years ago, we parked near a Burger King to get to another restaurant and I noticed a Whopper meal was $15 back then, but the same meal was $6 here in West Monroe. The restaurants and Manele Bay and at Kapalua were great for after round meal or dinner—beautiful venues.

Another thing golfers…learn how the grain runs on those greens over there. My putting killed me when I played, and it was because of how grainy those greens were and hard to get the speeds correct.

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I was lucky to have it comped as I went with friends who had that as part of their trip but am not surprised at all with those prices,used to be the 1st event on tour in Jan.

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Use to be able to play 36 at Plantation for $75. Bermuda greens are indeed grainy. Tend to grow towards the setting sun. Once you reach the green, look at the cup. The dead grass is the direction of the grain. For example, if the dead grass is on the west side of the cup, the ball will roll faster putting to the west. And it will putt slower putting to the east against the grain.
UA…Campus of Champions

Hope to see or get with you in November, Guy.

The greens definitely took me a little while to get used to… you really have to recognize which way the grain is going to putt those greens, three putted a couple times because of it but by the end of the round I was able to figure it out.

Fred, the Wailea Gold Course is a nice RJT Jr track and closer to where you are staying in Kihei … 2 restaurants not to miss are Mama’s Fish House (perfect for last meal before departure flight, but book ahead) and the Hali’imaile General Store … we also like Cafe O’Lei in Kihei and Lineage in Wailea.


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Wailea has the best winter weather in November. Kapalua can be very windy and wet in the winter. Rainy season is October through March.
Wailea has three courses. The original Blue mainly meanders in between condos. Very wide and easy to score. Emerald and Gold are relatively short courses. Very scenic and well maintained. Fairways can be tight. Makena North and South courses (don’t know if they will be open or not) are more challenging but less maintained. Further south is Maui’s nude beach…Little Beach. However, as I once discovered after hitting a long hook, a lot of women enjoy going nude on the beaches alongside the ocean holes. And they weren’t shy either😳
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We’re going, leaving Saturday the 19th, and returning the 25th. As far as tickets, mine came through the travel package, and I updated them to reserved seating, as the ones in the package were just general seating behind our bench for the games. I’d like to know who got a rental for $100/day, most everything I’ve seen was double that.