Matt's article re: the challenge to Neighbors

I personally have not been impressed with his Coaching style/ability; I feel like he needs to show something with this year’s team. Again, just my opinion - but would like to know if I’m an ‘outlier’ with this take

I haven’t been impressed with Coach Neighbors either. I know the team was young last year but that’s just an excuse.

A long time ago I would go watch Pat Summit’s teams play in Knoxville.

She was a tough coach. Neighbors is the opposite.

I’m not sure about CMN. He recruits well, but the results are not there. At some point, he has to produce.

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They play zero defense and rebound worse than any team in the league.

Running, gunning and shooting lots of 3’s won’t get it done in the SEC.

I guess I view his tenure differently because of where the program was when he took over. He inherited a team that went 2-15 in SEC play and has had three consecutive NCAA Tournament teams. I was surprised last year’s team made the postseason. I did not think it would before the season because of all that was lost from the team before.


They will sacrifice rebounds for the style they play, but I think they will rebound better this year because of the added length with Dauda, Poffenbarger and Carr.

I really, really like Mike Neighbors, but it’s hard to argue with the lack of results based on the amount of talent he has had. I think you HAVE to play defense and rebound in the SEC, otherwise what you are doing is just a gimmick…like Oats at Bama. The Golden State Warriors shoot a ton of threes, but they guard and rebound their butts off.

Hopefully Matt is right about the rebounding this year, because I would love to see Mike succeed.

Losing Sasha was a cruel blow. She has a lot of dog in her, and it has to hurt losing a player like her. I still pray she will play again. I love to watch her play.

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They absolutely have to start rebounding the ball and playing defense!


Matt, that was the same thing that CMA said and it never worked. He said he didn’t worry about rebounding because the would make it up in steals. Sounded good in theory but it was a bad concept.

I like Neighbors but he has to get more serious about rebounding, defense and running some good sets.

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You absolutely have to rebound the ball. As much as I love Coach A, he never liked to even use the term “blocking out.” That is essential to good defense these days. Coach A wanted to counter rebounding with steals, but with the hand checking rules today, that is a losing strategy. He didn’t adapt, and along with his losses on the recruiting trail, that’s why he is no longer here. I truly hate it, because he is a great man, but that’s life.

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This is an important year for Neighbors. He has recruited well, but his teams have performed poorly at the end of the last 2 seasons.

I agree with those who have mentioned a lack of defense, lack of inside play, and a sense of underachieving.

He has been very quick to praise the other instate schools, even mentioned UAPB as having a SEC quality roster. He plans on playing 4 instate games this year, which will not help his strength of schedule.

With the resources at his disposal, and a SEC that should be a bit down in women’s hoops this year, he needs to post some accomplishments this year in the post season.

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I don’t know if it’s just bad luck (probably is), but Mike hasn’t really capitalized on his wins over UConn and Baylor during the Covid year. I thought he caught lightning in a bottle there, but the team has really been very average since then…with a ton of talent…

Me too Jeremy. Been a fan of Sasha since I saw her in the state championship game, as a ninth grader. Really hope she gets healthy and has a beautiful life.