Matt's 3 thoughts are pretty on point...

Well get used to that, or more specifically, get used to paying even more every year. Wonder if ticket prices will go up even more than expected since Jeff Long is looking due to excercise one his most ridiculous buyouts smh

Interesting you compared LSU given that Coach O is probably the biggest players coach that there is.

I turned to my friend after his statement that the coaches didn’t do much to inspire the players and I agreed. And that we need new blood in the coaching area. It needs to be Robb Smith or Bielema who goes. These 3 star players we have become so enamored with looked more like 2 stars. But this has little to do with stars. It was more a lack of EFFORT!

I predicted this almost 3 years ago. Bielema isn’t ready for SEC football. There will be an excuse a week on why, mostly not his fault. At least Bear Bryant took personal responsibility for every loss and got his guys ready. When will the change begin? These are his recruits. No blame there. Petrino has his faults but he is a winner even at freakin Louisville. It will be mediocre season after season until Bielema goes.

I have read this line about Bear Bryant taking responsibility after every loss. He did some. But sometimes he didn’t. Just depended on how many losses there had been in any particular season. He lost 85 games and tied 17. Yes, he won a lot of them, too. Won national titles.

FYI, in Bielema’s first opening statement he said he took responsibility and told the players afterwards “this one is on me.”

Very true about Coach O , but he also walks , talks & acts with a big stick. The players take on that persona. You can see LSU has their swagger back, A dangerous team down the stretch. Especially if they beat Bama. The Hogs thought Auburns defense was big & fast. They havent seen anything yet. LSU’s D-Line runs 4.5-4.6 40’s - LOL