Matt's 3 thoughts are pretty on point...

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This is dead on, 100%. Kudos for writing this Matt

Spot on.

There is no sunshine in this loss at all.

Time to re evaluate many things in program.


I admire Matt for having the guts to tell everyone reality. Too many of the press are afraid to say anything negative no matter how true. And if they do speak out, it is long after the fact and after the head coach has left the UA.

I was greatly upset over several things during the Auburn game and Matt hit one most of them:

  • Starters being left in the game. Should have been pulled by the end of the Third quarter. Let the reserves get some experience and show what they can do. Prevent any injuries to the starters. Leaving the starters out there was just plain stupid and reflects on CBB.

  • Lack of effort, heart and passion by everyone on the field. Where’s the leadership by the coaches and seniors? It appeared to me that CBB and his coaches gave up and the players just followed their lead.

  • Into our eight game and we still don’t have a solution for our defense or OL. The DL, suppose to be our strength this season has been MIA.


Kudos to Matt. That is spot on.

Pretty much on point. I never saw this beating coming. I thought we were beyond these types of losses.

Another point he didn’t mention was that many of our players quit trying just like they did in the Alabama game. On defense they stopped trying to tackle and were pushed all over the field.

All I want to know is… Who’s getting fired?

I don’t agree at all with the idea of pulling starters out in the third quarter. I’d leave them in til the last play. Sure, we knew we weren’t going to win the game. But I want those guys getting the game reps and experience.

Your argument for bringing in second-teamers is to either 1) gain experience, or 2) avoid injury. It is clear right now that our starters need all the experience they can get. Froholdt just played his eighth game on the OL. Brian Wallace has had about 6 1/2 games of significant action. I’m also of the opinion that you reward your players that get it done in practice. I was always mad as hell when I was pulled out of a game, unless it was for poor effort (then all I could blame was myself). If I was able, I wanted to be playing no matter the score. As for injury, you can get hurt on the first play of the game just as easily as the last. One of my seasons was ended on the opening kickoff of the third game.

If CBB keeps being stubborn and not changing anything, he will be gone after next year. I don’t know about his assistants. Probably the whole defensive staff this year. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bravo, Matt. It needs to be said.

For the life of me, I continue to wonder why the second team doesn’t get into the games more. :?

First, I agree with Matt and love that he did not pump sunshine explaining how that loss would eventually help the team towards its goals, of some sort.

But, 58, when you said you were angered to be pulled from games once you were a starter yourself, were you not concerned for the attitude of those who battled you each and every day in practice, helping you to get better? If they had low morale because you were angered to come out of the game, then their spirit in the trenchs could turn to “tackling dummy” spirit. If they thought they could get into the game, even briefly, they would try harder. Just common sense.

Firm believer that you play how you practice. Was never concerned with others’ morale for not playing because I was in the same place once. I didn’t like it, so I worked hard enough on field and off to give the coaches a reason to put me in. If others don’t want to be a tackling dummy, get better or move on.

You should push yourself to be the best, regardless of whether PT is on the line. You can never be upset with yourself for max effort. 99 times out of 100, you’re going to end up doing something where someone is just better than you. But by working your hardest, you can give yourself an advantage over some with more talent.

Ty knows he won’t best AA; that’s a fact–excepting the injury possibility. And CK is coming along like a freight train. If you don’t feed Ty a bone, what is to keep him content with his present role?

Thanks Matt. Appreciate you stepping up and saying it without all the sunshine. There is no sunshine in this, and never should happen. I am not all about changing Head Coaches, but something must change and must change this week.

I can handle losing SEC Games. It is tough. But to lose like that with what seemed like not a clue? Now that is unacceptable.

The big question is, What do we do now? Will there be real questions at the PC tomorrow?

Ty’s reasoning to give extra effort in practice? That would be to make himself the best possible player he can be. That’s why I said all you can do is give it your best every day. If you do that, you can be content not playing. If he isn’t content with his current role, that is certainly his opportunity to change. Nobody is forcing him to be the backup QB at Arkansas. Either perform better or find somewhere better suited. But I wouldn’t want my starting QB to be content coming out of a game in the 4th quarter to give someone a chance who hasn’t performed to the same level in practice.


Thanks, Matt.

Finally a writer who tells it like it is. Way to go Matt great write up.

I hate to say I told you so but I’ve been saying this since last year. Its a fact that everyone on the team, from the staff to the players take their cue from the head coach. What I see is a man that is trying to be the players best friend instead of their head coach. He’s too soft! This is the SEC West, or to put it bluntly; “No Place for Nice Guys”. Belema must choose if he wants to be a head coach in the SEC or take his reality TV crap “Being Brett Belema” somewhere else. In my opinion the entire program should be re-evaluated. From the Head Coach on down the line. Look at LSU and what they are doing since they got rid of stubborn Les Miles. We are paying too much money for the results we are getting.