Matthew Mayer from Baylor

just entered transfer portal

Whew. This is one player I would’ve loved to see Muss land. Will go thru nba pre-draft process of course. Much more exciting player than Baylor Scheierman. Talk about an uber-versatile wing in Matt Mayer who’s a legit 6-9 to 6-10 and very athletic. Unlike Scheierman, Mayer competed against high quality opponents all 3 of his seasons at Baylor. Man, I wish he had entered the portal much earlier, so Muss could’ve had a legit shot at him. Oh well.

He’s going to get drafted and go to the NBA. Going into the portal on the last day just gives him a back up plan.

Yeah, that’s good actually cuz Arkansas doesn’t have a shot here, so nba (hopefully) next year is better than him popping up at kentucky or auburn

If Mayer has a contingency plan that involves playing college ball again next year, why not just return to Baylor?

We’ll see how Council visit goes.

It is going well, huh RD?

Hey Richard, you hearing anything about Matt Mayer visiting Arkansas next week?

No. At this time, I think it’s very unlikely. Have to say at this time just in case because obviously things can change. But at this time don’t see it.

Arkansas made contact but that’s about it right now.

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