Matthew Horton

Tells me he has committed to Western Kentucky

That was out of left field. Of course a lot people say that with $tansbury recruits.

We$tern Kentucky lol.

Didn’t they just have a guy pack up and leave? SMH. Oh well here’s hoping for Chaney and LeBlanc now. I did like the thought of Horton because he would free a scholarship up for 2020.

But that’s how recruiting goes expect the unexpected.

As I suspected Horton wanted to be a Hog but he wasn’t first priority for Arkansas. He did the right thing by securing a scholarship while he can.

Gotta disagree with you there. It’s still very early and he’s just now starting to gain attention. He could have always landed a scholarship to a school like Western Kentucky. Miss St. was just starting to get involved, and you have to remember he still has an entire JUCO season left to raise his stock. I just don’t trust anything with $tansbury involved. Everything he does is shady, he’s got a huge story going on with some 5-star kid right now that people are wondering what’s going on. With that said, I would have liked Horton to be a Hog, but not that big of a loss, he was a back-up for Gafford, we can land another guy to fill that role. The thing that was attractive about him IMO was him able to clear a scholarship spot for the 2020 class.

Arkansas’ big man target has been Reggie Chaney.

I was under the impression Reggie was the same height as Darious Hall that being 6’7 ??

Stansbury had hired Robinson’s godfather, former UNC player Shammond Williams. That relationship went south quickly and Williams resigned after a few months. Suddenly Robinson didn’t want to play for WKU. Eyebrow raising for certain. No coincidence that A&M’s recruiting picked up with Stansbury. Once again, I don’t know what it means to say that a coach is a good recruiter. I am sure that for 5-stars it’s not about how many games the staff attends.

After leaving WKU he visited LSU and Kansas, then it was rumored he was going overseas, now it appears he is heading back to WKU. I’m sure it was a “negotiating” tactic.

I would say more like 6-8, but not a huge difference. He can face-up or play with the basket to his back. Very physical and athletic.