How do the pitchers look on the mound?
Who do you think the top 4 starters will be?

I’ll be surprised if the top three are not Blaine Knight, Isaiah Campbell and Kacey Murphy. The midweek starter options are probably Evan Lee, Matt Cronin and Jake Reindl.

I haven’t been out to watch a scrimmage yet, but I hope to make it soon.

Hey Matt, if you figure out when they are going to practice, would you let us know. I keep driving by there and there is no practice. Then I don’t go and read a tweet about a great play. :?

I’m told they will practice today and tomorrow at 3. There is no practice Saturday and Sunday’s practice time has yet to be determined.

The practice schedule will be interrupted next week with the motorcycles rolling into town. I think Dave typically has them practice Wednesday and then not come back until Sunday night during BB&B week.

I’m going to watch the practice today (Thursday).

There are 13 scouts at Baum today. The attraction is Blaine Knight. He was solid in his 3 innings today. Gave up a couple of ground ball singles, but no runs. Dominic Fletcher was only batter to hit him hard. Knight was hitting 94 with his fast ball. 86 with slider.

Carson Shaddy had two hits to pace Black squad, scoring twice. Evan Lee had an RBI single. Grant Koch hit a solo homer. That team roughed up freshmen Bryce Boning for four runs in three innings.

Zach Plunket had an RBI single for the Red team off of freshman pitcher Caleb Bolden.