Matt Zimmerman's take

Agreed. Our freshman are really starting to come into their own. Once they get going, we’ll have a legit 2 group rotation.

Our young hogs are growing up!
The problem is they don’t value the Ball. When your shoot over 50% and out rebound a team you should win!
The turnovers and the free throw line appear to be the sore thump for the game tonight.
The whistle was blowing one way.
There’s a lot of ball left to play but there’s so much positive to take from what I watched on TV!
Vance Jackson showed up and once he found the corner 3 he sure make some noise. He also made some nice movers to the hole. I just hope he figures out the top of the key and the wing need to be places on the floor he makes a pass or drives the ball.
It’s obvious Tennessee took Moody and Sills our of the game. I’m still proud of our hogs and can’t wait to see the next game!

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