Matt Zimmerman's father

is 89 and has been taking the ADG since 1974 after getting out of the Army. He has never sent an e-mail or a text message in his life. He met with our people at a hotel in Morrilton to learn how to use the iPad. Matt’s mom still works at Petit Jean State bank.

Matt said it was ok to share. Pretty awesome if you ask me. You have to admire his father for being open to change and he’s loving it.


Think of the changes he has witnessed over the years! Thanks for sharing

Very cool. Who says an old dog can’t learn new tricks?

My 91year old dad is also using the dem-gaz thing pad. He’s doing OK with it, but would still prefer the old fish wrapper.

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Mighty good genes. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree.
Good to see a truly positive post.

Merry Christmas to all Razorback fans.

WYeah, my Mom used it at 92, now, she did have some issues at time with it, lol. She missed the crossword puzzle, it wasn’t the same online. I’m 61 and still will swipe to quick or slow and have to go back, but it saves putting the paper in the recycling bin.

How do you work the crossword on that thing?

Erasable marker?

You click on the puzzle and it goes to one you can type in the letters, it’s simple. I think her dislike was it wasn’t the same puzzle that was in the printed edition. She worked those for 60+ years and knew all the fillers, etc.

My inlaws are from Morrilton; we’re probably kin in law. wps

Good stuff and thanks for sharing!