Matt you may know the answer to this

Is there any rhyme or reason to the SEC basketball schedule rotation of who you play twice? We have SAO, TAM and Misery every year and then two others. But these are the two others for the last six years:

2016 – MSU, Tennessee
2017 --Vandy, Florida
2018 – Auburn, Ole Miss
2019 – Ole Miss, Vandy
2020 – Tennessee, MSU again
2021 – Auburn, Bama

Last time we played Kentucky twice was 2014 (the Qualls dunk year). Same with Georgia. I don’t see that we’ve played the Chickens twice in any year since they went to the 18-game schedule. All of which leads me to believe there’s no rhyme or reason.

Arkansas played South Carolina twice in 2014-15.

I have never heard what kind of pattern determines the fourth and fifth home-and-away opponents.

OK missed that on SoCar. If they had a rotation on the 10 other teams you should get each team once every five years. But we haven’t gotten UK or Georgia in seven, Chickens in six and got OM two in a row. Looks completely random. I’m OK with escaping UK and Florida as much as possible, don’t get me wrong.

So for 2022 we’ll probably get Florida and UK.

SEC is waiting on Ky to be relevant again before they make us play them twice.

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