Matt you around the players?

Are they loose and are they up for tomorrow? Nothing in this team’s history would indicate they will not come out with drive.

I sincerely believe the winner of tomorrow’s game will make a hard push to win our side of the bracket.

How did we get all those runs in the first 3 games last year? I don’t remember us going yard much.

I was around both teams today. It seemed like Arkansas’ practice was a lot more laid back and lively than Texas Tech’s practice this morning. I don’t know if that means anything, but there was a definite contrast.

Fletcher hit two over the bullpen, one each against Tech and Florida. Bonfield hit a two-run shot against Texass, and we had the big inning that literally lasted three hours around the weather delay; 10 straight Hogs reached base on either side of the lightning. Gates also hit one out against Tech.