Matt: With only 5 MLB rounds

Is it even feasible that Opitz could come back or is it a forgone conclusion that he still will be drafted too?

I think it is possible he could come back. I also think it is possible that a team might like him well enough to take him in the third round. In my mind it’s a toss up whether he’ll be drafted in the first five rounds.

That’s the thing about the draft: you only have to impress one of the 30 teams. I’ve seen a lot of instances where a player went a lot higher than anyone would have imagined because one team really liked a trait.

The key to getting drafted this year probably depends on sign-ability. With so few picks, I can’t imagine MLB teams are going to pick players they don’t have a high level of confidence they can sign. I’m not sure what Opitz wants, or whether another year of leverage changes his thinking at all.

Obviously, catcher is a unique position. Some teams have a real need. Others do not. That reduces the number of teams that could take a catcher in a reduced draft but it also effects your ability to take a catcher later if you really need one.

But if he is drafted in this draft, I think he signs. Going even as late as the fifth, I think he signs.

Doesn’t Opitz possess one of the best arms for catcher in this draft. That’s a good trait right there.

Opitz has a strong and accurate arm. He calls his own game, which is rare for a college catcher. He’s a gym rat, meaning he’s always in the baseball facility year round. He comes from a baseball family. He’s highly regarded by several teams. I get the feeling that he will be drafted and sign. But this is a strange spring and no one knows for sure on anything.

I got the sense the last time we spoke to him that Opitz would be OK playing another of college baseball if the draft forced him into it. He is in a good position either way. If he is picked this year he will get a good bonus, and if he goes undrafted he would be a high-round prospect with leverage in an expanded draft next year.

He would be in a rare position as a junior with a degree, too. Sometimes all of that is forgotten by many – that they do come to school to get a degree. Most baseball players can’t get one in three years, like football players who are on campus for lots of summer school, too. Some baseball players stay in Fayetteville over the summer, but most do not.

I think Opitz is a top-five round talent when you can control the other team’s running game that is a huge asset… the fact that he’s put on some weight and will add some power makes me think somebody will probably take a chance on him…

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