Matt - Why no squeeze bunt?

Matt, did anyone in the media ask DVH post game if he thought about squeeze bunt with Casey in the B8 with Franklin at 3rd and 1 out? I thought at the time that is what they should have done considering Franklin’s good speed and Casey’s propensity to strike out.

I can’t remember the last time we did DVH doesn’t like that obviously…

Back before they juiced the ball up a little DVH used to call the squeeze fairly often, and with decent success. But there have been several times the last 2-3 years where I thought it was a good option, and he’s not shown it. Obviously, nothing works ALL the time, but by the same token, throwing a “change up” in strategy every now and then isn’t a bad idea, IMHO.

Not saying it would have worked tonight - who knows? But I did think about it and discussed it with my group. Thing is, I don’t think Casey is very consistent putting the ball down effectively - not one of his strengths. IF he gets it down, he’s a real threat to reach first safely. But too often, he ends up 0-2 and then strikes out swinging away.

CM is a great talent, but he will never be all he can be until he learns much better plate discipline - and I fear that will be after he is wearing cardinal and white.

There were 2 times tonight where Martin could have bunted and applied pressure on FSU! At least we get 1 run maybe 2!
The way Martin strikes out it would have made sense. I can’t believe they didn’t score!

Army, I just don’t think you can assume (as your statement above does) that Casey would have put the ball down effectively. I don’t think that’s a no-brainer, as I described above. He isn’t asked to do it often, but to my recollection he’s not been effective very much when so asked. It’s easy to say “why didn’t we do X” when we did “Y” and that didn’t work. And while I would not have objected if DVH had ordered Martin to bunt in those situations, neither am I confident that it would have been successful.

Bunting is a lost art, even in Major League baseball. It is a great way to give a team a winning edge, but for some reason the Hogs don’t use it, either. The stolen base and good base running are also things that are fading away from baseball.

I have screamed at the TV several times for a bunt to push across a run when the Hogs are not hitting, but we just don’t do it or can’t do it. Sometimes it cost you a game when you can’t perform a fundamental of the game.

I watched Kyle Hendricks of the Cubs win a game for himself and his team against the Cards by laying down two excellent bunts a couple of weeks ago.

Everybody wants to hit the long ball. That is what you see on Sports Center and the young kids see this and think it is the long ball or nothing. They need to learn the fundamentals of winning baseball and practice that from a young age.