Matt: why did Boulware transfer?

Prospective playing time? Someone ahead of him at his preferred position?

I always had a hard time picturing where Boulware was going to play. I think that he’s probably a little better defensively in the outfield, and this is as deep as I’ve ever seen the outfield at Arkansas, especially with Kjerstad likely going to play there again. I just don’t think he was going to see the field a lot.

By going to JUCO he’ll probably play right away. He needs playing time and exposure because he hasn’t played in two years. His bat isn’t great, but he gets on base a lot and can steal with anyone when he’s on. He’ll have big numbers in JUCO, then it’s a matter of whether he wants to turn pro or give it a go at one more D1 school. The JUCO team he is playing on won the NJCAA championship last year, and it’s 90 minutes from his hometown, which is probably a nice appeal.

This Arkansas team is going to be too talented for Boulware to get on the field almost anywhere you suggest. Sitting on the bench two years (last year and this) would kill his career. He needs to play. He did not tear it up in the fall. I’m sure Dave Van Horn gave him an honest read on his playing time. I would guess he knows there are just too many infielders ahead of him and he doesn’t hit well enough to get on the field as an outfielder.

DVH says he is always up front and realistic with all of his players. I would suspect after that if they decide to go elsewhere he honestly helps them find the right place.

The arrival of Robert Moore might have had something to do with it, too. I know Moore wasn’t for sure until late November, early December. But I think most around the program figured it was likely. Moore is a difference maker and is going to play. That ended Boulware’s chances when you see how many other infielders are on this team who rank ahead of him.

Read something somewhere where DVH said he was best 2nd basemen at turning double play he had ever had. If true that says a lot. Also read the kid can hit and is a legitimate base stealing threat every time he gets on base. Said he stood out in the Pre practice sessions. I was pumped.

If true he and Martin up the middle, add optiz as catcher. Not sure who center fielder will be but if you’re good up the middle defensively you’ve got a pretty good team on your hands.

Can’t wait. Pitching has to come through.

Probably going to be Franklin with his speed.

I’d be shocked if Franklin is not the center fielder. Dave Van Horn said all through last season that he was the center fielder of the future. That’s where he played all fall.

Moore is not super fast but probably good at reading pitchers. Have seen him play at HS level a lot. His bat will have to improve since he didn’t fare great against top level HS arms.