Matt, where does our baseball 2019 recruiting class rank?

Just curious how we are doing against the rest of the SEC programs.

According to the rankings, the ‘19 class is not ranked nearly as high as some of the others in the league or the Razorbacks’ class the following year. Perfect Game has it ranked 13th nationally, eighth in the SEC. I’ll be more interested to see what Baseball America says when the draft is over.

I think there are some really solid players in there like left-handed pitcher Zack Morris, right hander Blake Adams, catcher Cason Tollett and infielder Jesse Pierce. There might be a JUCO player or two who come in and make an impact, too.

Jason Hodges is kind of the star of the class, a high draft prospect in the outfield. I’d be surprised if he makes it to campus, but you never know.

The rankings are just a crapshoot. It is all about development. The 2015 signing class was ranked something like 47th. It included Isaiah Campbell, Blaine Knight, Cody Scroggins, Kacey Murphy, Barrett Loseke, Jake Reindl, Grant Koch and Eric Cole.

Thanks, Matt!

But, that '20 class is a thing of beauty…