Matt/ where do you see Lee

playing next year. He seems to be a good hitter but is only good pitching 1 batter or at most 1 inning.

Man I wanted to run out on the field and tackle DVH when he brought Lee in. You could see that coming a mile away…smh

I think there is a decent chance he is playing in the minor leagues next year. He is a draft-eligible sophomore.

What about Murphy?

He’ll be gone. He is a junior.

I thought there could be a chance he comes back.
What about Campbell?

I’m not sure what will happen with Campbell. The scouts still really like him, but I’ve heard there is a chance he might come back. He still has another year of leverage because of the redshirt last year.

It could benefit him to return! A good year in college might get him a better contract.
I hope he comes back.
Next year I hope Scroggins get enough work to have better command and develop a change up!
Ramage just needed to mix up his first pitch against Georgia. The young man did a good job! The home run ball was the only big mistake. He may have gotten the idea of being the 4 th starter job in DVH’s mind.