Matt, When Did Texas Tech ...

… decide to start Davis Martin (7-5, 4.50 ERA) instead of Caleb Killian (9-2, 3.04)? Did you hear if the Red Raiders coach gave a reason for the switch?

I don’t think there ever was a switch. We used Caleb Killian as the probable starter in our story yesterday because he has started the second game for Tech during the postseason and Tech had not announced a starter. But he and Davis Martin have kind of been 2A and 2B all season. I’m guessing they will go with Martin because they like the matchup better.

Dave Van Horn hinted that his sinker is his best pitch and he’ll throw a lot of changeups to lefties. He’ll hit 94 on the gun, but his fastball usually sits more around 90-92.

Thanks for the explanation, Matt. Hogs just have to lay off the sinker that starts low in the zone.

Texas’ starter on Sunday was a sinkerballer. Luke said he hit his homer on a sinker that didn’t sink. Get him to get the ball up and whale away.

Don’t mention whales, SF. There’s enough water on the field now there may be whales tomorrow.

Water polo! A new sport in Omaha.

It don’t matter who pitches if the hogs swing at strikes. If we start hitting him and get the offense rolling they will make a change.
I hope Casey Murphy is relaxed and has a good outing. The ball was flying out in Omaha during the Florida game!
We just need one more win to get to Friday and need only one win to make it to the final. So close!

We just needed one win to get to the finals in 2012. Then Perry Costello hit.

Maybe we will get lucky this year and avoid him behind the plate and simply pound the ball.