Matt what's the uni update?

Any chance of having new white unis by Sunday?

I just saw a tweet from Lawlor’s Custom with a pic of them sewing the CWS patch on our white unis. I don’t know if it’s the light, but they still look a little pink. :shock:

These are the uni’s we’ve been wearing during the Tournament so far, not the new ones (new for this season) that Georgia ruined (and the OP is asking if we’re getting replaced).

I think the cream unis are by far the best and we should wear them as much as possible.
Would like some red tops as alternates, but I wouldn’t even want to use the other whites

I faintly remember that we used to have some red pin-stripe uni’s. If my memory serves they were pretty sweet. I think that was several uniform contracts ago…

I actually like the red tops which also have disappeared since the Georgia sabotage.

The creams have been lucky so far I wouldn’t change! I do like the red top!

The red top unis have pin-striped pants … or they did before they were turned pink.

Unless the red jerseys were also victimized by UGa’s runaway washing machine, I wondered why we couldn’t wear them with the road gray pants.

I recall DVH saying that this ^ was a possibility at one point. But it hasn’t happened and probably won’t given the fact that the team has done so well alternating the two uniforms we have …