Matt/What happens to those players such as

Heston who are Jrs and draft eligible? Do they get an extra year or do they go straight to MLB? Lots of questions not answered.

You have to believe they will go pro. Their college eligibility does not determine when they go pro. The MLB does with its three-year rule.

I think the MLB draft eligibility rule relates as much to age as to years of playing college baseball. Some college players are eligible after just two years of playing (Benintendi) if they are on the older side for their class. I think if they are coming from junior college, they are eligible after two years of playing regardless.

I guess theoretically if things calm down in a month or six weeks the college baseball season could resume even without Omaha at the end of the rainbow. But I don’t think that’s likely to happen.

I just don’t think the college kids are going to be on campus after this week. I think they are going to go home and take on-line classes. That’s my guess anyway. They could stay in town and do their on-line classes. But they won’t be in class rooms.

Would schools let the baseball players (and track athletes) stay on campus to practice? That would seem unlikely, but who knows.

The football players need to lift and work out. But what happens there?

So many questions right now and so few answers.

From a St. Louis Cardinals site:

I would be down with Kjerstad going to the Cardinals.

Looks like spring sports athletes who want an extra year of eligibility can get one. HK doesn’t want one; he’d rather sign a 7-figure contract. Unclear at this point if basketball will be included.

Not sure why basketball players would get one.

There might be no NCAA Tournament, but there was a full regular season

True, but the carrot of the NCAAT was yanked away at the last moment. Those seniors won’t get another chance at One Shining Moment. The 68-team field is about 20% of Division I; add the NIT and it’s almost a third of the schools.

While I think it would make the level of play better in college basketball, I just think there the season was enough of it to outweigh teams having 17-18 players on a squad and the additional $$$ it would take.

The story on the subject at indicated they are discussing how to include basketball in the waiver. Lots of details to be worked out to be sure but they have a couple of months at least:

In an email to a large group of administrators and other parties working in college athletics, committee chair Dr. Grace Calhoun, the athletic director at the University of Pennsylvania, wrote that the committee will "also discuss issues related to seasons of competition for winter sport student-athletes who were unable to participate in conference and NCAA championships. … It’s unclear what options, if any, will be considered for winter sports athletes. Because the season was nearly complete, there are significant logistical challenges. However, a source told ESPN that the committee members wanted to discuss the issue further.