Matt what do players do after Fall Ball

I assume they get a little bit of time off but what is the routine of the players after the fall series… what is the routine of the S&C staff with the players… just kind of curious what is the day-to-day format for the players…

No days off is the refrain of college baseball. They lift, they hit on their own and can meet with coaches. Coaches recruit. Of course, the facilities are top notch. Players can pair up to workout. They workout over the holidays, too.

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Thanks Clay I know they’ll be starting practice pretty soon… can’t wait for the season to start

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I think one of the reasons Van Horn schedules fall practice so early is because it gives the players a chance to take a break from the game during November and December. They still do baseball-related work, but it’s not nearly as intensive as the rest of the year. It is also a time when the players are doing a lot of weightlifting.

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I wonder how the pitchers are doing that are coming off of injuries and surgery!

Clay said the other day that Pallette was throwing the ball well…haven’t heard about the others

It will be a loaded bunch fighting for a role in the starting rotation and bullpen.
I hope Pallette is totally healthy before the season starts.

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