Matt what are your picks on tomorrow's games

Ole Miss. ( w)

LSU (w)
S. Carolina.

Auburn (w)
Texas A&M

Hogs (w)

Let me see how you pick em.

I’ll take Georgia, South Carolina, Auburn and Arkansas because of the pitching matchups.

I think last night’s win over a ranked SC and a win today over Florida would seal the deal for a National seed…

The national seed was sealed when we won at Georgia

I think the position of the national seed should move up at Hoover. But I also believe the hogs were a national seed regardless.

A couple more wins and we move our National Seed and that helps when we get to Omaha… several highly ranked teams lost and more will fall this week.

Game 1 today
Ole Miss 5

Georgia 4
Got this one right!

Game 2 today
LSU. 6
S. Carolina 4
Got another game correct.
Game 3 should already be in about the 6 inning. Our hogs will play extremely late again if they play at all today.