Matt what are you hearing on loeske

Read somewhere else for he’s really considering coming back to improve his draft position, supposedly his parents are pretty well-off so money is not as big a deal.

I know you and I kind of disagree but I think he could be one heck of a starter he was blowing these guys away with just his fastball he didn’t show that great curveball and change up he has

Bump. I’d like to know the answer to this, too. I want him to do what’s best for him, but I’d sure love it if he came back.

Gone. Wants to be a Yankee.

It won’t take long for all of these questions to be answered on all of the players that were drafted. It would be nice for a Loeske to come back but I want what’s best for him and all of the players that were drafted. I’d like to know if Gates and Bonfield have got a shot at a undeafred deee agent to get picked up and play?

Interesting you brought this up on Gates. I talked with him for a minute after Game 3. After my questioning was done, a reporter I didn’t recognize asked him if he thought Game 3 was the final game of his baseball career. He said, “I think so. I don’t really know, but I think so.”

The last I heard, Loseke was probably going to sign and go pro. That was within the past week.

Gates’ mother told the Omaha newspaper that she thought he wasn’t going to pursue playing baseball anymore after the season ended.

To clarify, since those two statements above seem to contradict each other, were you meaning to say that she said he doesn’t play to pursue baseball [color=#BF0000]at Arkansas[/color] after the season ended?

To clarify, he was talking about two different players. The first highlight was about Loeske. The second was about Gates.

[size=200]HEE-HAW!![/size] Talk about a swing and a miss.

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