Matt what are Cole Turneys plans this summer

that is a guy who really needs to live up to his #1 player in the country billing…what is he planning on doing?

He is already playing for the Lakeshore Chinooks in the Northwoods League. He is off to a slow start, batting .115 through nine games, but he does have two home runs. Everyone knows he can bat. The key is to see what he can do defensively. He had the shoulder surgery last year and hasn’t been able to throw yet in a practice.

How does he go from unable to throw to playing nine games? Is he the DH?

Yes, he is the DH. He should be able to play defensively some this summer.

That’s good to hear…hopefully he can get his stroke down and get his arm well.IMO he is a very big key for us next yr.I could tell he was just free swinging in the few AB’s he got,reminded me of Spanberger.I hope he can become that good for us would be huge for next yrs team.

Dave Van Horn described him as like Spanberger when I went over to watch practice for the first time in the fall.