Matt what about Brayden Webb

I am excited about him and Allison…Webb put up huge #'s hit .450 and 14 hrs in a supposedly tough league.I think we have spoken about him before but I noticed in Clay’s article today he wasn’t mentioned and was surprised b/c he looks like a guy who can impact right away.

Van Horn said repeatedly today that he wasn’t going to name individual names among newcomers because he would leave someone out. Clay’s story was based on some names he and I conferred about, not any that Van Horn said.

Like I said a week or two ago, I don’t know much about Webb other than his stats from this past year.

Will be interesting to see how he turns out because of all the newcomers he has the most impressive stats. To hit .450 and and have 14 home runs in JC in 55 games is unusual…

I didn’t go deep into the JC guys. Van Horn mentioned one JC guy, the kid from Fresno and then said there were three or four freshmen who would also contend for a starting spot. I have heard good things about Webb. I look forward to seeing him.

I thought it was interesting and smart. Basically, he said if he named names, others would use it against him and he might end up getting everyone here.

He thinks he has a good chance of getting everyone here he wants here and isn’t going to mess it up to please us as fans. We will hear about these guys in due time.

In the past, DVH has refused to comment much (if any) on newcomers. At the first Swatters Club meeting each year, he often comments that he won’t talk about them until they have done something on the field.

He doesn’t dole out much praise for freshmen, for sure. That’s why last year before the season when he said Casey Martin and Heston Kjerstad could be All-Americans before their careers are over, my ears perked up.