Matt was right!

He thought, after our debacle with Alabama and the bad showing in the SECT, that no regional host wants to see Arkansas in their regional. So far the Razorbacks have proven him right!
Two more chances to win one more game and we are playing in Omaha again!
I hope he still feels the same way about nobody wants to see Arkansas in Omaha as well! Cause I got a feeling, we’re gonna be there!
Go Hogs‼️


I don’t want to think about Omaha just yet! Win the next game first. I still remember last season and getting beat by 1 run in game 2 and game 3!
I hope whoever starts tomorrow can keep NC off the scoreboard and get a few “0”.s through 3 or 4 innings.

Should we go to Omaha, I hope ND knocks off TN beforehand.

Just win the next one please!!!

DVH is the prototypical “seasoned baseball guy” that this team needed. Not too up, not too down, just go with the flow.

What TN fans will eventually realize is that the pep rally mindset at games can be counter-productive to your team. That is not how baseball works - while it can rattle opponents it can also rattle your team.

Having UA away from Baum for so long was one of my secrets to success in the post-season. Team away from all fans and friends and the hubbub around town. Live out of a suitcase, bond as a team, and go about your business. There are some years UA didn’t advance because Baum was too intense for our own good. Maybe last year, when the NCState coach managed the blowout masterfully, and then had UA batters twitchy the final two games. And, the year we lost to ORU in game one and later MO State (I think I have all of that right).

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