Matt Valpo game

Please tell me it will at least be streamed. If not, I see no value in continuing to play a game that no more than 10 thousand people can watch. I’m prepared to be pissed at your answer.

Yup. You’ll be pissed. But at least 18,000 can watch; that’s the capacity at Simmons Bank Arena and it’s usually close to full. From the arena ticket site, less than 1000 tickets in the upper level remain unsold.

If we ever play someone really good there, maybe ESPN or somebody will pick it up and bring in a production truck. As long as it continues to be a rent-a-win, though, nope.

As for why we play there: It’s Christmas break and the students are gone from Fayetteville; and they see value in connecting with the central/south Arkansas fans for one Saturday a year. The women are also playing UALR down there that afternoon, by the way.

We used to cut semi-home-and-home deals where we’d play them in Little Rock or Pine Bluff rather than at Barnhill, and play there at a semi-neutral site. That’s why we played North Carolina in PB on Balentine’s Day; the return game was at the Greensboro Coliseum, about an hour west of UNC. But we haven’t done that since BWA opened.

The value I see is that I get to take my whole family to the game and can be home within 30 minutes. no hotel bill/tank of gas for this game!


We should never play anyone good there. The university is in Fayetteville, and there is not a better home court advantage than BWA. Still can’t believe we lost 6 games there last season.

I’m not against playing in LR, but find a way for the dang thing to at least be streamed.

Back before the internet streaming of games became a thing, they would always televise the NLR game on channel 7, or whatever stations were part of the ARSN network throughout the state. Also, up until John Pelphrey became the coach, we would most times play a quality opponent there: Oklahoma St., Illinois, Texas Tech, Baylor, to name a few. Played Illinois twice there when they were highly ranked, they were number 1 one year, the year they lost in the national championship game to UNC. We actually played them close.

SEC Network changed everything in 2014, and we happily accept the checks, it is what it is.

Basically they spent millions to outfit the facilities in Fayetteville for SECN telecasts, not just BWA but Baum, Bogle Park, the soccer field, etc. They’re not going to wire the NLR arena, for one game a year, and rent-a-wins are not attractive enough for them to bring in a truck and crew. But you’re right that the advent of SECN changed that.

I wish it was on TV too but the crowd will be great. Probably will be the most people to see us live thus far in the year. Real people in seats.

Just as it is in football, it is important to have a presence in Central Arkansas.

I’m sure three of the Fantastic Four will enjoy it next season.

One game that is not on television or streamed is worth that.

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Me too. 4 of us will be at the game. Up until the last couple years, my daughter, granddaughter, and I would go to Fayetteville football and basketball games. My 94 year old mother has become less self sufficient and we can’t really leave her alone for more than a few hours, so I have to get my daughter to stay with her when I go to Fayetteville, and vice-versa. This game is our only chance for all to go to a basketball game.

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We need to keep playing there always a good crowd.

Good for the program especially this time of year. I remember some great crowds and games in Central AR. One game during winter break is a good thing. Perhaps we could do some simi home and simi home games with some quality teams. How about Texas in NLR & Dallas or OSU in Tulsa or Ill in Chicago. Those or something similar would be good and also good for the team to play in those situations (hopefully getting ready for March).

Basketball’s version of the great stadium debate.

Valpo is playing games this Monday and Wednesday (also on the road); they’ll be playing like the walking wounded before half time.

My original point, though I might not have articulated it properly, was I just wish I could watch it. I bought a Roku just so I could stream Hog Hoops on my TV. I hate to miss any games. In 2019, I shouldn’t have to just because the arena is not wired properly for broadcasts. Just my 2 cents.

I don’t disagree, but it isn’t and nobody is going to bring in the truck. Truth be told, they probably don’t mind it’s not streamed for maximum ticket sales/butts in seats.

I give up. Life is full of disappointments. Go Hogs!

I suggest you go old school for one game.

Download the Razorback app and listen to the radio play by play.

Some of my best memories was listening to games with my mom.

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Bingo. Seems to me too many fans in NW Ark tend to overlook the importance of statewide support. It’s an accident of history that the state university is in a remote corner of the state. Nonetheless, the university & the program belong to the whole state. It’s vitally important we do everything we can to cultivate that sense of ownership. A lot of younger fans don’t appreciate that it was those central, east & south Arkansas fans that made the program what it is. WMS was the better & bigger stadium from 1947-2000. NWA was only accessible by a two lane road until 2000. Fans could see the team in LR that could not go to Fayetteville.

One game a year, even non-televised, is huge. Basketball plays nearly 20 games in BWA. Baseball plays more than that at Baum. One game per year in NLR in both sports is important. Do without seeing it on TV once.