Matt -- Two questions

  1. Have you heard if the Hogs plan to install a pitch clock somewhere behind home plate at Baum-Walker or somewhere pitchers can see it? It just seems weird that a pitch clock is being used this year, but the pitchers will have it at their back. Seems like that ought to be a requirement at every ballpark, frankly.

  2. The Hogs have now played in the early-season college classics both in Houston and Arlington multiple times. Are there other major league teams that host early-season events in their ballparks? (I would think there would be, especially in some southern areas, but I honestly can’t think of any.)

The NCAA says a pitch clock must be visible. The SEC takes it a step further and says the pitch clock must appear on the outfield wall. I don’t really see that changing.

I don’t know of early-season events at MLB parks other than Arlington and Houston. There is an annual event in Minneapolis at the Vikings’ stadium and quite a bit of early activity at some of the spring training sites in Arizona. And, of course, the minor-league parks in Frisco and Round Rock have their annual events.

I’m surprised they don’t have one at the top of the back stop so the pitcher can be looking directly at it. Makes a whole lot more sense to me.

Gotta assume either a coach or player yells a clock warning to the pitcher. Which opens up the opposing team to yell out incorrect info (see Ole Piss).

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The SEC rule has not changed, but Arkansas is adding a second pitch clock that will be located at an elevated position behind home plate and visible to the pitcher. It will be in place by this weekend’s series against Louisiana Tech.

Pitch clocks are on back order, so the Razorbacks are going to repurpose the time-of-day clock that is currently located on the outfield wall.

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Thanks, Matt. Seems only fair to do that, so I’m glad they are.

good that makes the most sense to ne.

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