Matt, TV?

How many games have we had on ESPN channels, or SECNetwork?
It sure doesn’t seem like many.
Just curious.

There are 15 on traditional TV this year, 10 of which will be on ESPN2 or SEC Network. Every game is on TV or streamed.

I’ve watched every road SEC game on my TV with my Roku.

I’ve been watching on WatchESPN or SEC+
Is IMG radio broadcasting these games? Lately I haven’t been able to get a feed. I usually get the broadcast on 92.1 Arkansas Sports network, (The Ticket), bot hasn’t come thru lately. I use iHeart radio app.

I could be wrong, but that probably is blacked out if you are trying to stream it through iHeart. Try the TuneIn app, which is authorized to carry the games. … G-s230301/

The games are on 92.1. I listened the first couple of innings on my way to Bentonville last night.

I have that app. I’ll try it.

Got it!
Thanks, Matt!