Matt...TV for any of the games in Houston?

Just looked at the U of A website and there is no TV indicated for the 3 games at Minutemaid park.

Do you know anything about this, one way or the other?

I’ve heard it is going to be aired, but not sure by which network yet.

I think the last time we were there, the games may have aired on Cox Sports TV. Since I no longer get Cox Cable (and that channel), I’m hoping that won’t be the case this time.

Since I kicked Cox to the curb some time ago also, I will be interested in who is airing the games. I don’t understand why these tournaments would give exclusive air time to a cable service like Cox.

If Cox is the only one interested, they’re more than happy to take their money for the rights.

I looked up the page for the Classic at the Astros website. Doesn’t mention anything about TV but they’d sure like to sell you some tickets.

With LSU in it, I wouldn’t be surprised that CST doesn’t broadcast it.

It isn’t, CST is on Suddenlink, and other cable providers.

It doesn’t appear on CST’s schedule on the 28th.

I’m interested but I would probably have to find a hotel within walking distance to the stadium. Big cities and night time driving are not kind to me at this stage of my life.

I said earlier that I think it may have been Cox Sports TV, but I’m not sure I still had Cox in 2016. I switched to DirecTV for a while, and the games may have been shown on what was then Root Sports Southwest, which carried the Astros games. That network is now AT&T Sports Net. It would make sense that the network that carries the Astros games would also carry this tournament. Just a thought.

ATT Sports Net is carrying the games.

ATT Sports Net is DirectTV 684. I’ll get those games.

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If it’s ATT, I should be able to get it on my uverse. Hope so.

Hopefully AT&t will be streamed somewhere it’s not on my cable company.

I’ll be there to cover the games.

Pretty excited about it.

Can mark that off my MLB stadiums list.

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That will be fun!! I’m jelly!

Nope, you can’t stream it if it’s not on your cable provider, or that’s what shows up when you google streaming AT+T.

Yeah I saw the same thing but sometimes they offer a free trial.

Keep you ears open to determine if there are trash cans being struck on off speed pitches.

When AT&T SportsNet carried the games from Houston last year, they were streamed on I don’t know if that was a free stream, but I assume it will be the case again this year.

I had heard a few weeks back that Cox Sports was looking into airing some of the games (likely the ones involving Arkansas and LSU). I was told today that it will not carry any of them.