Matt, Tonight's Telecast?

Bob Holt’s article on front page says ESPN2, tv schedule shows SECN.

Need to record; which is correct?


It is on SECN. TV guide says SECN.

One of the great things about DirecTV is that you can set the whole season to record and it will automatically find the program and set it to record. You also add one hour extension, so you don’t miss overtime,

My U-Verse guide has it on SECN at 7:30. The also has SECN. Bama-LSU is on ESPN2 from 6-8. I doubt they would bump them for our game. I’m recording also.

It is SEC Network. I’m not sure why that wasn’t correct, but I’ve corrected it.

I always check on the where the game is being aired and record! We won’t have many games on ESPN anyway! Only when we play Kentucky, LSU or Auburn.

My guide says Bama-LSU is at 5:30. Hogs at 7:30. SECN

Bama-LSU is at 6.

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