Matt: Taylor Werner's Puma Contract

Are there any details out about Werner’s contract? It must have been enough money to turn her head (and train full-time for the Olympics too - if there is one this year), because she gave up three Razorback seasons (one indoor, two outdoor). I remember some years ago when Wallace Spearmon, Jr. turned pro after his junior season for about $500K dollars - a lot of money back then for a very junior track pro.

I have searched the web for this. I am sure you have to. But I don’t see any details of the contract.

Besides obviously the money, being able to train with other Puma sponsored runners in North Carolina without having to go to school will help her progress. She has lots of potential.

I don’t know the specifics. The NDAs keep details on most contracts like this from every being made public. I’d guess that she received something for multiple years, perhaps through the 2024 Olympics. I’ve heard the running group she is training with in North Carolina might be coached by Alistair Cragg.

You are right.

Why would Taylor Werner need a coach? Would it be more like a leader/manager of the group?

Seriously? Usain Bolt had a coach. Any world-class track athlete worth his/her salt has a coach. If nothing else, you need another set of eyes.

If there is an Olympic hopeful without a coach, it would be rare. Most want someone to plan with them and make sure they are smart in every step they take.

Why would Tiger Woods want a swing instructor? Why would Jack Nicklaus go to Jack Fleck for thoughts? Why would the Yankees employee a hitting coach for Mickey Mantle?

One of the things a coach does is sit with you and watch video of your technique. You may be on a hot streak and doing everything right and they say, “Yes, perfect.” Then, you get in a little bit of a slump and they can sit with your with that video and say, “Here is where you are different.” It can be a runner’s stride (maybe chopped, or too long), arm movement, head bob and so many other things. Yes, you need a coach at the highest level.

Absolutely. Olympic Shot Put champion Ryan Crouser just set a world record last Saturday. He is an assistant coach for Hogs and coaches our weight throwers but also is being coached. One of the most important things a coach does is set your training schedule and make sure you follow it. If you don’t have a coach, it will be hard to get motivated to train five hours a day,

I think Crouser is in Fayetteville because he is being coached by Mario Sategna, who was his coach at Texas.

Correct. I was just making a point that even though Crouser is coaching himself, he needs a coach like Sategna.

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