Matt/Swine -- Super Regional Question in a Year of Covid

Each year in the playoffs, there always seems to be at least one or two national seeds that don’t make it out of their regional. Upsets happen.

Hypothetically, let’s say Mississippi State continues their recent downward spiral and fails to win their regional. They are matched with the South Bend Regional, and Notre Dame wins their regional. Does Notre Dame get to host the winner from the Starkville regional, or do the games have to be played in Starkville? (I would assume that the super would be held in South Bend since they were cleared as a host site.)

What if Mississippi State and Notre Dame both lose in their regionals? Where will be the super regional be held? (I would assume…Starkville?)

We all know what normal protocols are for this, but I have to admit that I’m not sure what the protocols are this year since potential host sites were picked ahead of time.

I don’t know. When Arkansas’ softball team made the NCAA Tournament, I asked if the super regional would be played in Fayetteville even if the Razorbacks failed to make it out of the regional round, and was told no.

It’s possible the NCAA has relaxed its host requirements from what was initially announced a couple of months ago.

I believe the super would be in Starkville if both ND and MSU lose. If MSU loses but ND wins it would be in South Bend. It’s possible that they could play a super in a site where a regional was played but not a super if it was more geographically convenient. Maybe if Duke won the Tennessee regional and a lower seed won the paired regional, they could play in Greenville.

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