Matt says that might be Knight's last game in Baum!?!?!

I guess if we fail to win 2 more games in this Regional that could be the case. Doesn’t seem likely right now so why emphasize that which would require a severe collapse by this team? Kind of a curious little sad side note to a happy day. :frowning:

will be the Super Regional opener … for his 12th victory of the season! :smiley:

Well, if we lose the regional, that’s almost certainly true. But if we win, I can’t imagine that it will be. Other than the possibility we get elminated, is there some other reason Matt would say that? How likely do you think it is that we get eliminated this weekend, Matt?

In an elimination tournament where the season is decided in the next two days, a starter never knows if he’ll get another opportunity. I don’t think Matt is saying anything one way or another; he’s just pointing out the possibility exists, especially with the MLB draft looming Monday, that that’s the last start he’ll get at Baum Stadium. It’s pretty much out of Knight’s hands. If the team takes care of business, he’ll start next week at Baum. If not, nobody will start next week at Baum.

I wrote that Blaine Knight’s start yesterday might have been his final at Baum Stadium. That will be true if Arkansas does not win the regional.

It wasn’t meant to throw water on the performance, but instead to illustrate that he pitched one of the best games of his career in what might been his last college game. That’s not always the case. I’ve seen many a good pitcher let that moment get to them.