Matt ///. Saturday game/weather

When do you guess a determination will be made if /when the Saturday game will be played or moved?

I am afraid they won’t move it. But they will make that call in the early afternoon today Guessing it’s an ESPN game and they want it left alone.

There is a four-hour window in the late afternoon Saturday that looks like no rain. I do know that they will look at that hour-by-hour later today and then make a call.

Really can’t move it other than delay it until later Sat evening.

Series scheduled Th-Sa cannot be extended to Sunday, except for the last weekend, and then only if it affects standings.

And they are too late to move it to today.

I suspect it will be drawn out into late Saturday

The rain is supposed to taper off as the day goes along tomorrow. There might be a delay and it might not make it on ESPN2, but I bet they can get the game played.

Well it’s close to game time what’s the weather like on the hill now?

Well, it’s an hour and about 40 minutes til game time.
Been raining here in Cotter pretty much all day so far. Don’t know what it’s doing in Fayetteville, but I hope it clears up enough to get the game in on time. Sure would rather watch than listen!
According to AccuWeather, nothing less than 43% chance of rain, at least thru 5:00.

It is overcast, but the plan is to play the game on time. It hasn’t rained in at least the last two hours.

That’s good to hear, Matt!
Hope it stays that way. Also hope we finish LSU off with a sweep!
GO HOGS:bangbang:

That sounds good. Once the first pitch goes to home plate I’m hoping there’s no weather delays and a sweep would be sweet!

Looks like it has passed Fayetteville for now.

everything looks good to play only 15% chance of rain this afternoon.