Matt Rhule proves the UA can rebound


Although the UA’s football program is currently plunging deep into the “abyss”, Baylor’s Coach Matt Rhule is an example that the UA can turn it around with the right hire.

Matt Rhule had a pair of 10-win seasons at Temple including a victory over PSU. Once hired at Baylor, he went 1-11, 6-6 to currently 10-1 with an overtime loss to OU.

Granted, Baylor has a ton of local D-1 talent available which Arkansas doesn’t have and Baylor doesn’t compete in the SEC West. But Arkansas is the only Power Five school in the state of Arkansas and can recruit with the lure of playing in the SEC.

Bottom line, as Baylor’s Matt Rhule has proved, the right hire can bring the UA out of the abyss and back to prosperity.


I Have to believe it is possible, with the right coach and staff.

Would love Rhule!

Back up the truck of cash.

If UA will really ever pay top dollar for a proven guy

Rhule is not the only guy that can do it. Of course he did it in the Big 12?

Big 12 is a good conference. More competitive top to bottom than the SEC West which has LSU, Alabama, and then everyone else. Heck, even Alabama has zero top 25 wins this year.

Point taken.

Arkansas Football is Dead There will be no head coach The football program has been terminated

Incorrect ! We will rise again!

Two SEC teams will be in the CFP top four this week and Alabama is not one of them. You keep dragging out this tired old line and it just ain’t so.

That’s just silly.

The last part is fact! Half of the SEC has losing records right now.

A whole lot of that has to do with them playing the upper half of the SEC. At the end of the year every conference will have a .500 composite record for conference games.

Except for us & Vanderbilt, every SEC team has a winning record against non-conference competition. And even we & Vandy have .500 records against non-conference competition.

You’re just way off on this.

I am not way off of anything. The SEC is top heavy, outside of 4 teams the rest are average at best.

Baylor has been good, but I’m skeptical of just how good. Baylor did not play any power conference teams out of conference this year, and the Big 12 has a losing record against other power conferences. I think that is why you see Baylor middle of the pack in the playoff rankings despite being a one-loss team.

Regardless, Rhule gets credit for an incredible turnaround. Most seem to think his next stop is the NFL.

These bowl records over 10 years, preceding last years bowls, would suggest you are wrong:

The SEC has owned the other 4 power 5 conferences,

Ignoring in 3, 2, 1…

10 years is ancient history in college football. The SEC over the last 3 years is 17-19 in bowls. Big 12 is 13-8.

Clearly facts are too much for your inflated opinion of the SEC. Obviously it is a great conference, but to say that it is so much better than the other P5 conferences is just silly.

How about the 7 SEC National Championships compared to zero for the Little 12 in the last decade?

There is a difference between having the best team and the best conference.