Matt Rhule Out as HC at Carolina…

Can you see hello Columbia, MO or Auburn?

I suspect he will be able to pick his landing spot. There are going to be a lot of jobs available by Thanksgiving weekend.

Aubbie is circling the drain faster than anyone else in the SEC. Baylor ethics fit perfectly in the most beautiful village on the Plains.

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When I saw this Auburn entered my mind.

Nebraska would be my bet. Rhule can get what he wants there and will have a chance to do just what he did at Baylor/Temple- build a program at a reasonable pace.

Auburn on the other hand is one of the least patient programs in college football, and Rhule would have to deal with the snake pit that is the Auburn family off the field. Kiffen is much more of an Auburn kind of guy if they can pry him away from Ole Miss.

If Rhule wants an SEC job Mizzou might be open and would again be a place where he would not be expected to go 9-3 or better in his first year. I think there will be some other Power Five jobs open, maybe in Big Ten country, which also might interest him more than Auburn…

The Panthers owe him a bunch of money, which means he can probably be very selective on his next choice. I don’t see him taking an NFL coordinator job.

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That was kind of my thought, too — Nebraska or one of the Pac-12 jobs that are open, or another non-SEC job that comes available.

At Auburn, you might be packing again in two years. I would not be surprised to see Auburn go after Deion Sanders.

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Auburn would be a hard sell unless the coach is offered an outrageous buyout.

With Rhule’s success at Baylor, expect he can be selective, & per his Big10 at PSU background he might consider NE or WI.

I really hope he goes somewhere else. I do not want another top coach in this league.

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