Matt - Rest of the FB staff

Was Turner Gill retained?

I really liked the recruiting team CCM had for social media etc. I think Stepp’s wife was in the recruiting department? Do you know if they were retained also?

Yes, Turner has been retained.

She had stepped away from recruiting after birth of their child. That was over one year ago.

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Great news. Think he will be great asset for CSP.

long, long list of staff including on campus recruiting. And yes, Turner Gill is still listed. Impressive payroll for just the whole staffs. HY has a big talent pool to oversee.

Football Support Staff Position Phone Email Twitter
Patrick Doherty Director of Football Operations
Callie Conway Director of On-Campus Recruiting
Turner Gill Executive Director of Student-Athlete & Staff Development
Samuel Ogden Director of Football Video 479-575-4849
Brooks Cockrell Assistant Director of Football Video / Creative Media
Aaron Sisk Assistant Director of Football Video
Bobby Allen Director of NFL & High School Relations 479-575-4106
Cody Vincent Assistant Director of Recruiting / Graphic Design
Mark Modleski Personnel Assistant
Madison Pool Associate Director of Football On-Campus Recruiting
Michele Clements Administrative Assistant
Will Bryant Quality Control for Offense
Imarjaye Albury Graduate Assistant for Defense
Ty Gatson Graduate Assistant for Offense
John Roberts Quality Control for Defense
Clarinda Carr Administrative Assistant / Head Coach 479-575-4849
Laurie Hicks Administrative Assistant / Assistant Coaches 479-575-6562

Clarinda Carr gets the loyalty award. She has been in the same role since at least Houston Nutt. She must know where all the bodies are buried.

Clarinda’s been there since Holtz. Or since I was an athletic department employee which is the same thing.

Love Clarinda…just a great lady!!!

Pretty sure Gaston and Bryant have moved on, according to their tweets.

I was mistaken. It sounded like Turner would stay but I’m told that’s not the case.

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Quite a few of these on this list are absolute all-stars. They do work. Big work. All the platforms, and all high quality. That is a solid WPS force on that list. Big applause and hope they see this-