Matt, read your article on the 2 ex-Hogs on the College Football HOF ballot

. . . but cannot figure out this sentence:

"Powell had a career-high 24 tackles in the 1969 Big Shootout against Texas, which is third-most all-time at Arkansas and second-most by an individual. "

One of those numbers (“third most all time” or “second most by an individual”) has to be wrong. It can be one or the other (or neither); but not both. Unless you left something out, or I’m just missing something. … hall-fame/

Ronnie Caveness has the two highest tackle totals in a single game.

I would interpret that to mean that Caveness has the first and second most tackles in a single game. On the other hand, it might be said that only one Razorback had more tackles in a single game than Cliff Powell.