Matt: Questions re the UA Tennis Programs (both)

Where does UA sit from a competitive standpoint in men’s and women’s tennis? They both seem to be top-40 or so. Where does UA sit from a facilities standpoint relative to other programs? How are the programs perceived in the SEC and the NCAA at large? Are there obstacles that prevent the programs from achieving at a higher level (not that where they are isn’t high)?

As far as this season goes, the men are ranked 46th nationally, the women are 31st. Women made the NCAA and lost in the first round to UCLA. Men didn’t.

Men’s tennis coach is retiring, so HY will be looking for someone to raise the level of the program.

I counted seven SEC women’s teams ranked above UA in the last ITA ranking, and 10 men’s teams. Which is kinda the sense I get: Women are mid-pack in the SEC, men are below that. Ten SEC men’s teams made the NCAA field, and the Hogs weren’t one of them, Men also finished 11th in the SEC dual match standings. Women finished tied for fifth.

Facilities? Dunno. We haven’t done anything to upgrade them in a while.

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