Matt: questions re soccer goalkeeper

I don’t know much about soccer, but in watching Hog soccer, it seems like reserve goalkeepers almost never play. Is this the norm? Also, I thought Hannah Warner was coming back this season, but I don’t see her on the roster. I thought her coming back was the reason the young goalie took off for UCF.

Warner was on the roster a couple of weeks ago, not any more. Her Twitter page doesn’t mention being on the team either, although there are plenty of posts about UA soccer.

So far this season, Grace Barbara has played 417 minutes, the backup has played 13, in the ASU game (she allowed the lone Pink Puppy goal).

Last year Hannah played 2136 minutes, the backup played 58.

So at least for Colby, the starter is gonna play a whole lot, unless injuries get in the way.

UNC, on the other hand, has two girls who have both played 45 minutes in each game; looks like one gets the second half every time. But they’re 6-0 and the GAA is 0.50 so it’s working (the second half GK has allowed all three goals).

I didn’t think Warner had any eligibility left. She played three seasons at Oklahoma State after a redshirt season and played two at Arkansas.

I’ve seen Colby Hale play multiple goalkeepers and I’ve seen him primarily play one. I think it just depends on who he feels most comfortable playing and whether the backup can play at the same level as the starter.

She played at both schools in the 2020-21 season; OSU in the fall, UA in the spring, which only used one year of eligibility. Injuries always possible, or maybe she just saw she wasn’t going to play this year with two transfers coming in.

EDIT: Actually, no she didn’t. Played at OSU in 2019 as a redshirt soph (got hurt in midseason), didn’t play in fall 2020. Maybe she did the injury hardship thing due to the injury in 2019.

Whatever the research might conclude, when this year’s team roster was announced by the UA, it indicated Warren’s eligibility was exhausted and Graduate Transfer Grace Barbara was the projected goalkeeper. Incidentally, Siera Cota-Yardel who relieved Barabra in the ASU contest is a Candian transfer that played one season at Prairie View. She and Peyton Whipple will compete for the goalkeeper next year unless Hale brings in a transfer.