I’ve heard that if you subscribe to the ADG that you can access the forums on this site. So after we cancel our scout subscription how will we be able to access this site if we subscribe to the ADG? I’m not sure how that will work after August 1st.


Your subscription to the ADG will give you full access to the website, including the message boards. You have to login with your email address/password that is on file with the newspaper. It would be the same login you use for or If you don’t know that information, I would encourage you to call 1-800-482-1121. That is the customer service desk in Little Rock.

It is important to note that the username you have on file with the ADG may be different than the one you have used on HI and/or registered for here this week. If you have that problem, I can change the username to the one you desire as long as it hasn’t been taken by someone else. All you’ll need to do is email me with the details. I’ve probably fixed a dozen or so accounts with that problem this week. It takes just a few minutes.

If you sign in from your newspaper account and want the magazine, you will have to sign up for an annual magazine subscription once your current Scout offer expires. The annual magazine rate is $49.95, which is about half off the cover price.

Ok thanks for your help Matt!

On the same topic, I have a scout account and I receive the ADG. My understanding is I can cancel the scout account and view this board with my ADG subscription. How does that affect the magazine? Wasn’t that through scout? If I cancel my scout account, am I still going to get the magazine? Do I have to resign up for that? My scout account is paid through April 2017. I have no idea what I need to do to keep receiving the magazine.

I just want to make sure I keep getting the magazine through the upcoming football season. From my initial impression, I won’t be using the boards that often.

Matt, I tried sending you a PM but all I got was this: We are sorry, but you are not authorised to use this feature. You may have just registered here and may need to participate more in discussions to be able to use this feature.
(The misspelling is not mine)

I answered the PM question in another thread, but the reason you were unable to is because the default setting did not allow newly registered users to send PMs. The reason was to eliminate bots from spamming users. I turned that setting off.

Your ADG subscription will give you full access to the website, including the insider boards. If you have paid Scout through next April, you will receive the magazine until then. Once that term expires, you will need to renew your magazine subscription through our office. The annual rate for that is $49.95.