Matt: Question re Men's Track Team

It seems like our performance in the heavy field events, e.g., shot put, and the jumps has dramatically improved as of late. This has pushed our track team back up to the top - at least in indoors. Is there a particular reason for this? Of course, it would revolve around acquisition of talent. We seem to have some good transfers of late. Is there a particular reason we are getting these transfers now while not getting them in the past? Has the transfer portal encouraged this? Given there are so few scholarships to spread across XC, indoor, and outdoor, how would there be scholarships to grant these high level transfers when they weren’t getting them before?

They hired a new weight coach with a great reputation.

I’m not sure, but I think he might have been at Tennessee.

Seems like a lot of athletes producing nice numbers in both track and field are transfers. Suggesting transfer portal is helping,

Yes, some of the shot putters came because of the new Coach.

I think a lot of the success can be attributed to Travis Geopfert’s return to the program in the summer of 2021. He was responsible for helping identify and coaching several of the great athletes early in Bucknam’s time at Arkansas like Jarrion Lawson, Clive Pullen, Alain Bailey and Kevin Lazas. He and John Newell, the throws coach, are the ones with Tennessee ties, having coached there together previously.

Many of the transfers who have come into the program the last two years have done so to work with them. I’m not sure Arkansas would have gotten Ayden Owens-Delerme without Geopfert being on staff. I think Geopfert and Doug Case make a great recruiting team.

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