Matt: Question re Kendall Diggs

I heard DVH say in an interview that Diggs was going to push someone out of a job soon. Presumably, that would refer to an existing starter. Is Diggs good enough defensively to play in the infield right now with the competition there? Could starting in this instance simply mean a lock on the DH position? Could that mean a couple of other players slug it out for first base with the loser sitting? Could an outfielder by involved, e.g., an infielder is pushed to outfield to accommodate Diggs in the infield?

That was my take.

Didn’t think it affected position players, as the current DH was “DHing” because he failed to secure a defensive position in the first place.

I don’t think Diggs is going to play in the infield this year. I think he’ll be the DH more often than not the rest of the way, perhaps for every game.


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