Matt - question for the pod and Bubba re: Robert Moore

Let me say I enjoy the podcast you do with Bubba. I value his insights greatly and wonder about his thoughts regarding Robert Moore and DVH’s use of him.

He has now, going into Sunday, played in 50 SEC Regular Season games.

2021: 25 hits, 110 AB = .227 BA
2022: 13 hits, 70 AB = .186 BA

Career: 38 hits, 180 AB = .211 BA in SEC Regular Season play.

Why is he continually used in the middle of the order? Do his skills match his approach? I enjoyed the homer v SC while they chanted Ooompa Loompa perhaps more than anyone considering the people I am surrounded by on a daily basis, but would he be better utilized lower in the order, as like a second leadoff man, and becoming seemingly less concerned with pumping one over the fence?


14 for 74 in 21 SEC games to bring his average to .189.

.212 career SEC hitter. Would love Bubba’s take on what he’s seeing with Robert at the plate.

Thanks @MattJones for all the pods. They’re great

I’ll try to work it into the conversation this week. Thanks.

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Y’all have fantastic chemistry. Very conversational and free flowing. Doesn’t feel forced.

Greatly disappointed in seeing Bubba slide this year at the plate. Was expecting just the opposite. When it comes to hitting, it’s all about making adjustments. He’s played enough games allowing the scouting to know where his holes are. Bubba, as wells as several other Razorbacks, need to learn to adjust and turn their weaknesses into strengths.
Which surprises me even more. Considering all of the technology the UA has with their coaching and facilities, you would think they would address all of the hitters holes during the offseason so they would be prepared for the season. Also instruct them on how to adjust.
UA…Campus of Champions

Easier said than done.

That happens. Whether it pays off during the season for that player is an entirely separate matter.


Excellent job. Appreciate it

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