Matt, others, ? on Connor Noland

Since he has been away from the football team over a year and change, how much has his physical statue changed? I know he said he needed to hit the weight room at the time of his decision.

On Noland, Well he’s not a statue. Lol. He is athletic.

I know you meant stature.

He’s changed his lower body. His legs and hips are much stronger and is throwing harder. But he’s also added a change-up.

I’m thinking we will see a Dominant Friday night pitcher.

Possible. But Wick may be better.

We’ll see, flip flop 'em be ok, 1-2. :sunglasses:

Yeah that works, slop somebody else out there on Sunday and win about 22 SEC games. :smiley:

The good news? We don’t play Vandy, which is preseason top-two.

Could have a pretty good # 3 this year…should be fun.

Thanks for catching the spelling and update on Conner. Glad to hear he is stronger. Looking forward to seeing him take big jump this year. Spell check is not my Apple friend

as usuual Vandy has lotsof MLB players in town using the facilities to hone their skills and secondarily benefit Vandy returners for Coach Corbin. Kujmar is supposedly really more unhittable than David Price right now.Phil Pfeiffer is on Braves 0 man roser now and dating one of my ex nannies, he says Kumar ahs the stuff to be in the bigs now. Corbin and Van Horn are the same kind of curmudgeon that most folks love and obviously get the most out of their rosters. I know this is/has been our best projected year for Omaha nad I hope that Connnor and Wick can be answer because it is hard to imagine beating Vandy with Kumar on the mound.

I think there are some really good arms on this Arkansas roster. When Van Horn goes on the road like he is with this schedule, it means he likes his team.

Noland didn’t gain or lose any weight from last year, but you can tell he has added some muscle in his legs. The way it was put to me was that he has shifted strength to the areas a pitcher needs to be strong.

Yes, the legs are the key for the pitchers. He should have more velocity this year.

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