Matt or Scottie

Will the Rogers St game be streamed?

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It will not be streamed. There will be a radio broadcast, though.

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Regular Razorback Radio available through the app?

Mad that I can’t go. Gotta work late.

Believe so, yes.

Will the Texas exhibition be streamed or on TV?

Longhorn Network

Those are available on Espn+, correct?

Only if you pay for the LOnghorn network on your regular tv service

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I don’t think Longhorn Network is available through ESPN+, but I’m not sure. I think you have to have a cable/satellite package that includes LHN in order to access it through the app. I’d definitely recommend you try streaming it beforehand to find out.

There will be no Arkansas radio from Texas because of the Auburn football game. I wouldn’t be surprised if Texas has a radio broadcast, though, because its football team is off next weekend.

If you pay a million dollars a month for the DirecTV sports pack, like I do, you may have the LHN and not even know it. It’s channel 677.


Long story. I’m like Clay. I hate Directv.

For about the last year I’ve paid for it and they can’t get it to work. They told me I had to cut down an old tree. I’m not doing that.

So, I cancelled and I’m trying Directv Stream & YouTubeTV. I have to keep DTV or I can’t get the Cardinals games.

Anyway, I just checked the espn+ App and it’s allowing me to watch what appears to be on LHN now (TX Volleyball).

So, I guess that means that even though LHN doesn’t show up on my DTV Stream Guide or YouTubeTV package, I pay for it, somewhere.

I’m sure I say that and I’ll click on Hogs/Whorns next week and not be able to watch.

Cut the cord, they said. It’ll be easy, they said.

I get LHN through my ROKU ESPN app even though I dropped AT&T Uverse a year ago. I’m now on YTTV. I signed up for ESPN+ 2 or 3 years ago through my ESPN app on ROKU. I didn’t sign up for ESPN+ through my UVerse ESPN accounts. I still have that same AT&T wi-fi modem/router, so ROKU still sees my ESPN+ account through my wi-fi. They have no reason to ask for my provider again.

Maybe I just got lucky by signing up for ESPN+ through my ROKU’s ESPN app? I guess if I ever have to change my ATT wi-fi, I may lose the LHN network. I certainly don’t care, but I’m glad I still get it now and can see the Hogs/TX exhibition basketball game.

I stood in my driveway the other night and watched the space station fly over. Surely we can stream a game on tv. We are a advanced society. We made a space station.


You couldn’t see the space station in NLR. Can’t see anything there.

I saw it, it was awesome.

Think you missed my point, Gas. NLR…the only place in rhe universe that can’t figure out how to stream a Razorback basketball game.

I got it.

Only problem I have with streaming services is that it limits how many TVs can be on at one time. And that number is less than number boxes you can have regular DirecTV. At least that is what I was told.

You’re gettin off cheap for ShortHorn Network man!:sunglasses:

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