Matt or Scottie…Trust Level Email?

I got this weird email from Whole Hog about “we’ve promoted you up to another trust level”. Then another email wanting me to reply to “@discbot start advanced tutorial “. Sounded fishy so wanted to know if this is spam/scam deal or originated from WH Sports? Thanks.

Your trust level is listed as “Normal”. I would not follow any such link.

I don’t think so. I’ll send this to IT for them to check into.

Will you forward me the email, please? My address is

That sounds like a phish to me. I’ve had to get a lot of training on recognizing phishing because of my medical work where sensitive patient information could be compromised, and that smells like phish to me,

Will do Matt. Just got home and saw your post.

Past retirement age, I’ve had a lot of training in recognizing a phish too, it’s called common sense. :sunglasses:


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