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Could someone ask Coach Morris about Jon Gordon and his possible inclusion or future influence on AR?

He is a renowned leadership guru who has successful contacts and recognition from some really big name and known successful coaches:

Again from the well researched and written Athletic

" Swinney and Gordon admired each other from afar until social media brought them together in the summer of 2012. Swinney was sitting on the beach during a family vacation when Chad Morris, Clemson’s offensive coordinator at the time, called. Morris had reached out to Gordon on Twitter and told Gordon about Clemson using his book during its breakthrough season.

Gordon asked Morris to have Swinney call him.

“The next thing I know Jon Gordon is here speaking to our team and giving them all copies of ‘The Energy Bus,’ ” Swinney says. “Ever since then, Jon has come up on the third day of camp every August to speak to the team.”

Gordon’s meetings with Clemson generally last about 30 minutes, and he’ll hang out after to talk with players individually. His discussion topics change to fit the season or the personality of the team. " … r-coaches/

Lots of fascinating links to college coaching across multiple sports and coast to coast. Gordon and Clemson success including the NC are the beginning but not the end and it seems like Chad Morris has been a follower

Motivational speakers, sports psychologists, even comedians can add a bit of spice to get a team pumped up. I like that idea. Yogi had it right when he said that baseball is 90% mental and the other half physical. Speed, strength, quickness and skill help, but if the head isn’t glued on right, none of it will matter. All the talk about which QB can handle the new offense is about the mental side more than the physical. And, it isn’t just being smart and quick minded, although that helps.

It’s amazing the good that can be accomplished by the right person expressing the right words/message!

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These are the kind of things that Chad Morris is really into doing. He’s got a sports psychologist in Fayetteville now helping the players in how they think about their daily grind. His name is Brian Cain. He’s used by several top schools. I think he’s called a mental coach. Ty Storey told me his day is programmed by Cain, all the way down to when he sleeps or rests.